Linear Electric Generator Force Multiplier

Needs Financial Support

Financial support needed to make and commercialize Linear Electric Generator Force Multiplier. The reward is very high. What is Linear Electric Generator Force Multiplier, LEGFM? It is a new mechanical invention to use a natural phenomenon to multiply output power to do a job, usually a big job. So what is particular about it and what sort of job it can do? It is not a high tech, it can be made easily and very cheaply and all the skills, which it needs, are available. It can be made to fit any sort of available power source. For example it can be made to operate by the power of a small stream of water down in the mountain valley to raise water from the same stream of water to the top of the mountain.

LEGFM is an improvement in the lever system. A simple Lever System uses a small force to move a big force, which can be very very big as Archimedes said: "Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the earth."

A lever system has practical limitation. For example it is not practically possible to use one kilogram force to move 1000 Kilogram force but with LEGFM you can do that. This means any small force can be exploited to move any large force. This opens the way for an efficient use of minimum availability of any source of power especially natural powers like wind, solar and water. This is why LEGFM can be run by the force of a small stream of water down the mountain valley to pump up water from the same stream of water to the top of the mountain.

Another example is giant windmills of East London. These giant windmills can operate only over a certain wind speed because of the heavy machinery, like electric generators or water pumps, which they run. But if they run LEGFM, they will operate at a lot lower wind speed. This should increase their productivity and efficiency a lot.

Wait a minute!!! This is a force multiplier, so why I am calling it Linear Electric Generator Force Multiplier? This is because it can be made to generate electricity as a by-product of force multiplication without extra input or losing output.

LEGFM is a green technology. it can be run by any natural forces like hydraulic, wind and solar. It can operate with any minimum available input power to provide an output, higher than the input by many times. It has a future for exploitation worldwide because of the world tendency to embrace green technology and mainly because of the inexpensive capital skill required to make LEGFM. The skill, of an ordinary car mechanic, is more complicated than the skill needed to make, maintain and run LEGFM

LEGFM technology is simple and inexpensive but it can provide a work, which is as important as and as valuable as high technology work. Some times it becomes more important and valuable than high technology especially when it comes to the developing countries. Dig a well as deep as possible in the middle of a desert to reach a source of plenty of water. Make an LEGFM operated by solar or wind power, put it on this well to pump out water and leave the nature take its course. After a few years the place becomes green and full of wild life. Alternatively use LEGFM to make the desert fertile to grow corn to produce fuel.

Dig another well as deep as possible to reach a source of plenty of water in one of those needy villages. Make an LEGFM to be operated by hand and put it on this well to pump out water. Let the ladies, collecting water, to operate it. It doesn’t need an effort as much as the effort to carry containers full of water.

To control wind and solar power as available for use anytime and to exploit their minimum availability, make two artificial lakes, one of them on a position as high as possible and the other one on a position as low as possible. Fill the higher lake with water. After that let the water to flow down into the lower lake to run any machinery like an electric generator to supply electricity to the local area. Use an LEGFM to pump up water back to the higher lake. Use wind and solar power to run the LEGFM. In this way, you have controlled and regulated wind and solar power for use any time.

Interested parties must prove they have financial and skill resources or can make them available and have to sign 'None Disclosure Agreement' before they can see technical details of LEGFM. Interested parties, outside UK, must have UK based representation and both have to sign 'None Disclosure Agreement'. Interested parties can e.mail their details to: with their details to get signed 'None Disclosure Agreement' by me.

LEGFM has been registered with the patent office and will be published during 2k10. The search has been made on this application at the patent office to find out if similar applications exist. Some applications have been discovered. Some of them tried to use the same natural phenomenon and some others have tried different means to multiply output power. None of them technically is similar to LEGFM and LEGFM has superior technical advantages over all of them. Especially none of them relates to improvements in lever system.

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Created on ... August 20, 2009